Favorite Jeans!

Posted on Oct 6, 2015

Today I'm wore my favorite jeans to class and to run a few errands. This was my first pair of ripped jeans and their they have the perfect amount of elastic. I bought this top years ago and acquired this necklace from my mom's closet the same year. Lastly, I bought this bag along with my last post's purchases.

Striped Tank Top | Burlington
Gold Necklace | Kohl's
Ripped Jeans | Ross, American Eagle
Brown Cardigan | Forever 21
Sunglasses | Polette
Black Boots | Ross
Black Bag | Cato's 

New In

Posted on Oct 3, 2015

Hey everyone! I recently went shopping online for the first time at Amazon.com and I bought a purse from Cato's. I've never shopped for clothes on Amazon before so I was cautious! Whenever I shop online at a store for the first time, I buy accessories or tops because you can't go wrong with accessories and tops are easy to convert sizes. I don't buy pants or shoes online because it's hard to tell how small/large the items actually are. Anyway I also bought a two piece set! I'm really happy with these purchases and I can't wait to style my them!